OpenFOAM Lagrangian Particle Tracking (27.11.2018)

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1. Basics

  • Basics of numerical Simulation using Lagrangian Particle Tracking (LPT)
  • Configuration of OpenFOAM environment

2. Numerical simulation of particle laden flows

  • Governing equations
  • 1/2 and 4 way coupling
  • Model build up
  • Mesh requirements
  • Variation of OpenFOAM settings
  • Runtime-Analysis
  • PostProcessing of the results

3. Numerical implementation in OpenFOAM

  • Overview of paricle classes
  • Understanding of the source code
  • Using OpenFOAM Syntax
  • Tutorial: Simulation of simple particle laden flows in OpenFOAM
4. Coupling Euler / LPT in OpenFOAM

  • Concept of implentation and usage
  • Numerical failure analysis / mesh settings
  • Solversettings for simulation speed up
  • Variation of particle properties
  • Tutorial: Implementation of a new Euler-Lagrange solver


5. Usage of LPT algorithmn

  • Application of the implemented solver
  • Running the solver / steady and transient eulerian fluid
  • Variation of boundary conditions and particle properties
  • Best practice guides
  • Simulation speed up
  • Tutorials: Practial usage for different examples

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