• subjects of study: mechanical engineeting at the University of Rostock

    area of concentration: structural mechanics, fluid mechanics

  • PhD in mechanical engineering (super visor Prof. E. Hassel)

    at the Chair of Technical Thermodynamics

    topic: Large-Eddy Simulation of Combustion Induced Vortex Breakdown

    in an Unconfined Turbulent Vortex using a Presumed-PDF Combustion Model

  • From 2009 until 2014 simulation engineer at

    Voith Turbo Advanced Propeller Technologies GmbH & Co KG Rostock

  • Since 2014 research associated at the Department of

    Modelling & Simulation, University of Rostock

  • Lecturer for

    - Turbomachinery & propeller simulation

    - turbulence modelling

    - numerical simulation