Free Software opens up numerous opportunities:

  1. The absence of any licensing costs, particularly in massively parallel HPC applications.
  2. Open source code makes many adjustments to specific requirements possible.

But it is true for free software as well as for any other: the software itself is only the basis for a successful solution of computational problems. For an effective application, further elements are often required:

  • Introduction to the use of the software in the context of training.
  • Specialized knowledge and experience in dealing with the calculation algorithms, which are necessary for the stated calculation problem.
  • Support and contact persons for the resolution of problems in carrying out calculations.
  • Implementation of application-specific extensions and automation solutions. The complete automation of entire simulation processes can be implemented for example by means of the open source framework Insight.

The partners of FOAMacademy offer all of these elements for the successful use of advanced simulation methods, complete with free software without any license fees.