OpenFOAM Introduction

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The training is offered in parallel as a classroom training and as an online training.

Online Training:

The online training takes place via Google Hangouts. The link for the event will be sent to you after booking.

The training documents will be sent as HardCopy by Post in advance.


    • Getting started
    • Philosophy of the project
    • Structure of OpenFOAM cases
    • Top-level code
    • Pre-processing and running of own applications
  • Meshing/mesh import
  • Advanced meshing/snappyHexMesh
  • Finite volume schemes
  • Numerical schemes

Contemporary business people working in team in the office

  • Best practice
  • Initial and boundary conditions
  • Turbulence modelling (RANS/LES/DES)
  • Parallel simulations
  • Post-processing in Paraview
  • Animations
  • Complex simulations f.i.
    • free surface
    • mesh refinement
    • complex geometries (mesh import/snappyHexMesh)
    • external aero dynamics
  • Process integration and automation

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