OpenFOAM Optimization

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The training can be attended on site or online. Due to the current outbreak of the COVID-19 disease, we offer our trainings exclusively online until further notice.

Online participants can join via Microsoft Teams. The link will be sent to you before the event begins. Training materials will be mailed to all online participants in advance in hard copy.

Basic idea

The course focuses are:

  • Quick setup of simulation in OpenFOAM
  • Acceleration of simulation processes (script-based) with the program OpenFOAM and Python
  • Application of optimization strategies DOE / DAKOTA

In addition to teaching optimization strategies using DOE / DAKOTA, the basics for script-based initialization of simulations to increase the workflow efficiency in OpenFOAM are taught.


1. Basics

  • Introduction to script-based control of OpenFOAM simulations
  • Configuration of automated OpenFOAM environment
  • Step-by-Step Parametric Simulation Setup
  • Control via Python script

2. Basic building blocks

  • Existing tools for automatic setup of OpenFOAM simulations
  • Overview of Features in OpenFOAM / Opensource Features in InsightCAE
  • Introduction to Parametric Geometry Creation for Optimization Tasks
  • Conversion of patametric geometry for meshing in OpenFOAM
  • Fundamentals of optimization strategies

3. Setting up simulations

  • Step-by-step setup of simulations with OpenFOAM using OpenFOAM Touls and the Open Source Framework InsightCAE
  • Import and processing of parametric CAD data
  • Controlled modification of CAD files
  • Implementation of the simulation environment with automatic evaluation of the simulation results

4. Acceleration simulation setup

  • Concept: Script-based control using Python
  • Numerical setup for robust simulations and fast convergence
  • Simple handling and control on computer clusters
  • Tutorial: Automatic setting up & simulation & PostProcessing of a wing flow with variation of wing geometry and angle of incidence

5. Optimization strategies

  • Application Design of Experiments (DoE) in OpenFOAM
  • Definition of the parameter space
  • Parametric geometry creation
  • Implementation of automated simulations
  • Evaluation of differently weighted target functions
  • Coupling of OpenFOAM and Dakota
  • Introduction to DAKOTA
  • Application of DAKOTA to control simulation processes for optimization calculations
  • Application of different optimization strategies (gradient methods, genetic algorithms)



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  • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • lunch break (one hour)
  • 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
All times between April and October are Central European Summer Time (CEST) and Central European Time (CET) otherwise. If desired and with the consent of all participants, the above times may be deviated from.


The course materials are written in English and the course is usually conducted in English. If all participants agree, it is also possible to switch to the German language.


Drinks and refreshments will be provided for on-site participants. Lunch on each day of the event is included in the price. You will find directions and recommendations for hotels above under the link "Locations".

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