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OpenFOAM Advanced, 24./25.10.2019

Reserve seats… Contents Applications (theory & practice) Porous media filter, radiator, catalytics converter Rotating geometries fans, propeller, turbines, pumps, mixer Moving meshes mesh deformation, mesh adaption rotating geometries Multi-phase flows marine applications, sloshing, mixing processes Thermal simulation CHT, radiation, HVAC Reaction and mixing pollution dispersion and reaction simulation Upcoming dates for this course: All upcoming […]

OpenFOAM Thermal Engineering, 24./25.10.2019

Reserve seats… Contents Introduction into thermal simulation Theoretical background regarding numerical simulation for heat transfer Tutorial cases & solvers in OpenFOAM regarding heat conduction heat radiation natural/forced convection heat transfer in porous media Detailed realisation of test cases by example Identification and definition of thermophysical properties for different fluids in OpenFOAM Suitable meshing guidelines for […]