Free of Charge: Quickstart into OpenFOAM, 21.10.2019

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  • Getting CFD started with free Software
  • OpenFOAM history review
  • Philosophy of the project InsightCAE
  • Installation and multicore usage of OpenFOAM(
  • Pre-processing and running of own applications
  • Using InsightCAE‘s isofCaseBuilder for easy and fast case setup
  • Open source InsightCAE’s GUI comes with serveral features like:
    • Stabilisation / Convergence improvement
    • Best practice guidelines included
    • Ready for automatization
    • and a lot more
  • Advanced meshing setup for snappyHexMesh
  • Finite volume schemes, Numerical schemes
  • Setting initial and boundary conditions using isofCaseBuilder
  • Turbulence modelling (RANS/LES/DES)
  • Parallel simulations
  • Automated Post-Processing using Paraview
  • Complex simulations:
    • free surface
    • mesh refinement
    • complex geometries (mesh import/snappyHexMesh)
    • external aero dynamics
  • Process integration and automatization
  • Solving custom questions

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