The topic of the training is application of OpenFOAM to turbomachinery problems, e.g. propeller, axial pumps or centrifugal pumps. Besides theoreticalĀ basics, the focus is especially on best practice guidelines for the selection of numerical schemes and settings. Another import topic is the meshing strategy using only open source meshing tools. The knowledge is consolidated by practical excercises.


  • Introduction and general modelling concepts
    • MRF / SRF / moving mesh
  • Available features in OpenFOAM
    • GGI/AMI Interface BCs
    • Solvers (SRF / MRF / *DyM*)
  • Meshing strategies
  • Case setup and boundary conditions
    • best practice setup for schemes and solver settings
  • Tutorials
    preparation and simulation of example cases
    • propeller, centrifugal pump
    • meshing and solving
  • Postprocessing of turbomachinery cases
    • Relative velocities, cylindrical slices, ..

Training OpenFOAM Propeller Turbomachinery Example Cavitation

Training OpenFOAM Propeller Turbomachinery Example Meshing

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