Virtual 5th German OpenFoam User meetiNg


We are happy to announce the GOFUN conference virtual due to the COVID-19 situation.
The organizers of

would like to invite you to the virtual 5th GOFUN in Braunschweig. The intent of the meeting is to provide an helpful opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with OpenFOAM experts and users. It is an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas, future aspects and problems using OpenFOAM between users from Germany and abroard.

The GOFUN reports new discoveries and developments in the fundamental and applied application of OpenFOAM with a mix of researchers and industrial speakers from a large variety.

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Schedule Conference Day

24. March 2021

10:10amThomas Schumacher (Engys) –
HELYX for the built environment – new developments and example
10:35amCharles Mockett (UpstreamCFD) –
Analysis of fluidic-oscillator flow meters using high-fidelity CFD
11:00amIvan Shevchuk (TU Hamburg-Harburg) –
Simulation of a steady turning circle manoeuvre in contact
with fluid mud
11:25amHolger Marschall (TU Darmstadt) –
Towards a unified diffuse interface phase-field framework for multiphase multi-mponent fluid flow
11:50 – 01:00pmLunch Break
01:00pmHannes Kröger (Silentdynamics) –
Automation of complex simulation-based design tasks using the example of a plate heat exchanger
01:25pmSebastian Vilfayeau (ESI) –
Latest Development in OpenFOAM and Industrial Applications
01:50pmSergey Lesnik (TU Clausthal)-
Influence of bubble size distribution on acoustically cavitating flows
02:15 –
Coffee / Relax Break
02:30pmPatrick Höhn (TU Clausthal) –
Building a heterougenous cluster using git, gitlab, docker and owncloud
02:55pmChristopher Woll (GNS Systems) –
New performance dimension for extremely large CFD simulations with OpenFOAM and Azure Cloud: Reduce computation times by 80 percent and increase result quality at the same time

Hope to see you online at the GOFUN!
A big thanks due to our sponsors, the conference is free of charge.


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